Fresh on the heels of releasing our annual advocacy report to members comes news from our elected officials!  According to Ryan Dumm, a senior representative from Congressman Norm Dicks Office, the Navy and Congress have acted on many of the issues identified. 

The update included the following highlights:

  • $6M was authorized for traffic revisions at the Charleston/Missouri Gates.  This improves shipyard safety and security.
  • The House passed legislation to allow time and half pay for shipyard workers performing overseas OT.  This recognizes the importance of our local workforce.
  • The FY11 ship maintenance budget ("Overseas Contingency fund") was authorized for $4.76B; the Supplemental was authorized at $1.27B.  This means that the Fleet receives adequate resources to support operational tempo.
  • Childcare Center broke ground 6/17/10.
  • MyCAA (spouse tuition) has been re-instated for those already in the program with opportunities sought to expand its applicability.
  • In the May NAVSEA report, it was noted that the 09 Workload at PSNS & IMF had the largest number of work hours of any other SY in the Navy.
  • OMB is expected to approve incremental funding for the EHW2.

The Puget Sound Naval Bases Association (PSNBA) is dedicated to supporting the local naval installations, with a mission to promote the general economic welfare of shipyard workers, sailors, and community members in the Puget Sound.

Each year PSNBA sends a delegation on an Advocacy Trip to Norfolk, VA and Washington DC. PSNBA schedules pre-trip meetings with local commands for input on issues they would like to see PSNBA promote to the Navy and Congressional officials. This is the beginning process for the creation of PSNBA's briefing issues and the community report. This process is always ongoing as issues and concerns change or need to be readdressed.

For more information about these issues, CLICK HERE to download a copy of the 2010 Annual Advocacy Trip Community Report.