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P.O. Box 2615
Bremerton WA
98310     info@psnba.org



Chair:Carol Evanoff, President

Board Members (Officers):  
Carol Evanoff President
Vacant Vice President for Base Relations
Billi Jean Gurnsey

Vice President for Community Relations

Julie Tappero Secretary
David Sayers Treasurer
Contact info@psnba.org

Description: The Executive Board is made up of the elected officers and is responsible for the efficient management of the Association. Working with committee chairs, the Executive Committee will ensure the association’s mission is executed in a manner that brings credit to the entire association, its members and associates, and in accordance with the PSNBA by-laws.


Vice President for Fundraising: Vacant
Vice President for Public Relations: Christine Salo
Vice President for Military Alliance Guy Stitt
Vice President for Base Membership PSNS: Vacant
Vice President for Base Membership Bangor: Vacant
Vice President for Base Membership Keyport: Vacant
Vice President for Strategic Initiatives:


Chair: David Sayers, Treasurer

Committee Members:

Chair: David Sayers

  Carol Evanoff
  Guy Stitt
  John Becker

Description: The Budget Committee is responsible for banking, budgeting, tracking and annual expenses, and reconciliation. All claims for expenses shall be addressed to the committee prior to being submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. The Treasurer shall receive all incoming funds for deposit, submit financial reports to the board, pay bills, perform a mid-year budget review, and propose the annual budget.


Chair: Emily De Bisschop, Vice President Base Relations

Membership subcommittees and chairs:

Vice President Base Relations


Community Membership Drive
Vice President for Base Membership PSNS: Vacant
Vice President for Base Membership Bangor: Vacant
Vice President for Base Membership Keyport: Vacant
Vice President Fundraising Vacant
Contact info@psnba.org






Description: The Membership committee is responsible for issues related to membership which include cohesiveness and consistent membership practices throughout the PSNBA. Each membership category shall have a subcommittee perform annual membership drives and submit annual budget requests and revenue goals.


Chair: Christine Salo, Vice President Public Relations

Committee Members: Chair: Christine Salo
  Wendy Miles
Contact info@psnba.org

Description: The Public Relations Committee is responsible for developing strategies to enhance, market and promote the organization, and coordinate media relations.

SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE (Breakfast, Dinner, Receptions)
Chair: Billi Jean Gurnsey, Vice President Community Relations

Committee Members: Chair: Billi Jean Gurnsey
  Christine Salo
  Cheri McCorkle
  Emily Debisschop
  Leah Wattree
Contact info@psnba.org

Chair: Jack Edwards

Committee Members: Chair: Jack Edwards
  Christine Salo
  Cheri McCorkle
  Bill Powers
  Leah Wattree
Contact info@psnba.org

Description: The Special Events Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating PSNBA events. Events have traditionally included the annual PSNBA dinner, kick-off breakfast, and Navy receptions.



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