PSNBA Executive Board

Carol Evanoff – PSNBA President


Carol helps women and minorities navigate this challenging new career landscape.
Recently retired from corporate life, she spends her time consulting, speaking to groups about career management, writing and enjoying life on Washington state’s spectacular Olympic Peninsula. Through her efforts, major corporations, small businesses, leaders and individuals all create results-oriented and competitive differences in radically changing business environments.

From the beginning, she made it her mission to help other women and minorities achieve the same level of success in their own careers. She’s an award-winning innovator in executive leadership, change management, professional development and performance coaching. Her own, success is measured by the professional success of over 1,000 colleagues and mentees she has guided. In her last position, Carol was the director of a large facility with vast responsibilities, supervised over 400 employees and managed an annual budget of $55 million. Yet she always found time to take a personal interest in creating programs to benefit her team as well as mentoring individual employees to reach their own dreams.

Emily De Bisschop– Vice President for Base Relations

Emily De Bisschop graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems engineering in 2010. When she first started working at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard as an Industrial Engineer she immediately joined PSNBA because she believed in its mission.

Since then she has become the representative of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE) Local 12.

Emily is also on the Board of Directors for Kitsap Community Resources and is a public relations co-lead for the Professional Women's Employee Networking Group (PWENG) at PSNS & IMF.

Vice President for Community Relations (Vacant)


David Sayers, Lockheed Martin– Presidential Treasurer

David Sayers is a native of Bremerton, Washington and attended Bremerton public schools and participated in youth sports.  He earned his Associate in Science degree at Olympic College, and a Bachelor of Science in Electronics at Chapman University.  David most recently earned an Executive Certificate in “Leadership and Management” from MIT Sloan Cambridge, MA, and has also become certified as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

David, a veteran Army Nuclear Weapons Electronics Specialist, joined Lockheed after a 5 year tenure supporting Keyport in electronics, range engineering and acoustics and targets. David’s journey with Lockheed began in 1977 and continues today. His interest in technology, how things work, and what keeps them running has led to a variety of experiences in technical, leadership, and management positions ranging from Metrology to Fleet Ballistic Missiles facilities support. His roles as an Electronics Technician, Metrologist, System Engineer, Manager, and Project Management led to his current position as a Lockheed Martin Corporate Certified Master Black Belt, where he serves as a business area Lean Six Sigma expert and consultant.   As a Master Black belt, David guides teams to improve their performance and align their organizational strengths with Navy customer imperatives and values. He is currently assigned to manage and support leadership and improvement teams supporting the Navy for Lockheed Martin Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific located near Silverdale, Washington.

Julie Tappero- P SNBA Secretary